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Big news: Dracaena Deremensis is flowering

dracaena_deremensis_janet_craig_floweringWho would have thought it?  A plant that flowers!  Linda has had this plant for quite a few years and never realised it flowered.  A couple of weeks ago we noticed that two flower stalks (inflorescences) had appeared.  Linda was thrilled but somewhat surprised.  After much research (Googling, mainly) it turns out that Dracaena Deremensis does flower, but only when chilled.

For years the plant was kept in doors, but several weeks ago it was moved onto the patio.  During the time it was outside we had a cold snap (cold for Boca Raton anyway).  Fast forward to last week and voilà: flowers.

Tonight we came home after visiting Linda’s uncle Jim (not this one, but his dad) to find the house smelled strongly of Jasmine.  Not only does Dracaena Deremensis ‘Janet Craig’ flower, but those flowers have a wonderful smell – especially at night.

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