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Despite being a ** fairly ** seasoned web user and desperately trying to keep up with social media comings and goings, I only just came across Posterous.  I can hear your screams of derision from here and I can only apologize for being so lax in my knowledge of social media tools.  Anyway, Posterous will allegedly let me send an email (to posterous) and in addition to turning the email into a blog entry at nickjhowe.posterous.com  it will simultaneously post the content to a number of other sites including Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.

So, here goes.  This email is the test of those capabilities. If you are reading this, then I guess it worked.  If you aren't, them I hope you are doing something useful (at least much more useful than reading this)


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  1. jmtenney
    June 29th, 2009 at 12:20 | #1

    Well it showed up on Facebook! Also….what could be more important than reading my VP’s blog!

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