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How-to: Access Sim2 Domino D60 Factory Menu

July 11th, 2012 No comments

After my previous post this one seems bizarrely trivial.  But hopefully it will be of use to someone.

Sim2 D60Projector lamps have a limited life, and consequently have a lamp timer.  Once the lamp timer reaches a certain threshold the projector will start to throw up warnings.  In some cases it will stop working when a second threshold is passed.

When it comes time to replace the lamp it is usually necessary to manually reset the timer.  On some projectors this is easy, but on Sim2 projectors it is necessary to access a hidden factory menu.  There is no reference to the factory menu in the manual, but I rang them up and they told me the secret:

  • Access the normal menu
  • Go to the Information screen
  • Press Up, Down, Up Down on the remote
  • The factory menu will appear
From there you can reset the projector lamp hour counter, or adjust it to any value you want.




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